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4 Things You Might Not Know About Feral Cats

1) Feral (wild) cats are not a different species than your loving house cats - they are identical - feral cats simply grew up outside without socialization to humans and are frightened by us, like most wildlife.

2) Feral cats trapped and brought into shelters for adoption by well meaning persons, are invariably killed there - even small kittens,no matter how adorable they are.  Socializing feral cats older than 3-4 months is almost impossible and even small kittens take a lot of care and work.
Since they're not adoptable, these cats & kittens are quickly killed in the back room - completely unseen by the public.  

3) Trying to manage feral cat colonies by trapping & killing the unfortunate cats is cruel, ineffective and wastes your valuable tax dollars. What is humane and effective is  Trap/Neuter & Return (TNR for short). Sterilizing the cats avoids unwanted kittens and increasng colony size, greatly reduces disease transmission, eliminates mating and fighting among the cats and let's them live out their lives in healthier condition.

4) Learning to TNR wild cats is easy & free traps and instruction with assistance are available from A.C.T. at ACT Spay/Neuter Clinic. Speaking from experiece we can tell you that spending an evening helping feral cats this way is more fun than a barrel of wild monkeys! Not to mention that great feeling you get knowing you're saving cats and making their lives so much better - even if you can't touch them!.